dermostica institute will strike the right note with your clinical trials.


Founded in 2009, dermostica institute is an independent Clinical Research Organisation based in Poland. In 2011, dermostica institute received EU funding and subsequently acquired scientific devices from C+K, Cortex, Canfield, ORION Concept and GFM. In 2017, dermostica institute moved to a new seat in the heart of Poznań and is now located in one of the city's most modern office buildings.

dermostica institute is proud to work with leading global cosmetic brands and pharmaceutical companies. Our aim is to constantly improve the quality of the services we offer and therefore our focus is not only on broadening the knowledge and the skills of our team but also on the conditions in which studies involving volunteers are conducted. dermostica institute's new seat is living proof of this striving.

Your clinical trials perfectly conducted.


Bartosz Waliś
MPharm and Cosmetic Chemist
dermostica institute

Why choose us?

We are virtuosi in our field and we work with the utmost precision. This is how your clinical trials can be performed. You choose and decide, we conduct.

Always in time.

We keep up with your tempo.

We know that what we do is crucial to our clients' business. We also understand the need to attune to our clients' needs, propose time slots that will be suitable for them and deliver trial results on schedule.

We do our best to foresee and thoroughly plan every element of each trial to eliminate the risk of delay and deliver the results in time.


Knowledge and experience.

We do not just play it by ear.

We know that knowledge and experience come with time. We also understand how important it is to invest in specialist publications and training. Planning new trials, taking measurements and assessing the skin as well as talking to clients and trial participants, we constantly broaden our knowledge and experience.

Thanks to what we have done so far, we have gained the expertise we can provide to our clients today.

Professional equipment.

Our instruments are fine tuned.

We know that professional equipment allowing for the objective assessment of skin parameters and product efficacy is the base of our work. We also understand how acquiring more equipment like this helps to expedite trials. Day-to-day maintenance of our devices and close collaboration with our suppliers, in turn, ensure the reliability of the equipment.

To offer our clients the greatest security, we use specialist clinical trial software, two independent power systems and a backup scheme for the trial results.  

This is all to guarantee services of the highest quality and our clients' satisfaction.

Modern space.

This is our concert hall.

The current seat of dermostica institute has been designed especially for us to conduct trials in a place that meets all necessary requirements.

Every testing room at dermostica institute is equipped with a tailored climate control and air-conditioning system to manage the temperature and humidity as well as to keep them constant. The system can be adjusted to client-specific requirements.

The room arrangement at dermostica institute provides for the efficient use of space. It creates good working conditions for the team and allows a steady stream of trial participants.

Modern space also means an access control system which ensures safety and confidentiality of our clients' data.


What we do is well rehearsed.

We consider ourselves professionals and specialists in our field. Our work is in line with our education but we are always keen to learn more. We understand professionalism as responsibility for the outcome of our work, care about every little detail and awareness that every little detail counts.

We know how important the work we do is for our clients and we perform it with diligence.

Our team.

A conductor needs an orchestra to give a concert.

dermostica institute is people. They are our team as well as countless trial participants. Together they make up a whole, which everyone of them needs to be fully aware of. The team has to be open and eager to cooperate with the participants. The participants have to know how crucial it is to prepare well for the trial and accomplish the task they are engaged in.

To facilitate the cooperation between our team and the participants, we have introduced our own trial recruitment and documentation management system.

Our clients.

You are our audience.

dermostica institute has been founded to test the safety and efficacy of cosmetic products for our clients.

Thanks to our team's competence, knowledge and experience, the professional equipment we use and the modern space we work in, you can expect an excellent performance of your clinical trials followed by an on-schedule, in-time delivery of the results.