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There is a long way to go, a lot of trials and tests to conduct, before a cosmetic product gets to be enjoyed by consumers. The way from the production line to a store display can have many a turn. Not to mention the consumers' changes of heart and what makes them buy the product again. Even so, this does not have to be a tedious process.

We are virtuosi in our field and we work with the utmost precision. This is how your clinical trials can be performed. You choose and decide, we conduct.

Tolerability studies.

Patch test.

Stage fright.

We know that consumer safety is the priority for all our clients. We also understand how important the broad scope of trials is to confirm the lack of any negative impact of a cosmetic product on the skin. Depending on our clients’ needs and the nature of their products, we can offer various trials ranging from single application open epicutaneous tests to evaluations of the cumulative irritation potential.

To meet our clients’ safety expectations, all tolerability studies are conducted in collaboration with experienced dermatologists.

In-use test.

Playing first fiddle.

We know how important it is for our clients to verify the tolerability of a cosmetic product in the area where the product is made to be applied. We also understand that to reliably verify the tolerability, not only is a well defined and recruited group of participants necessary but also appropriate test duration needs to be ensured. Additionally, since at this stage the product is presented to potential consumers for the first time, we offer recording their subjective opinions about the product performance to substantiate marketing claims.

To guarantee the tolerability of a product, we leave it in our participants’ hands and provide supervision by dermatologists, oculists along with other experts.

Efficacy studies.

Instrumental assessment.

The first concert.

We know that consumers keep expecting more from cosmetic products. We also understand what it takes for a consumer who buys a product for the first time to be satisfied. Drawing from this knowledge, we do our best to support our clients in the instrumental assessment of products to objectively confirm their efficacy. 

To offer irrefutable proof of the cosmetic product efficacy, we put measurement devices operated by experienced members of our team at our clients’ disposal.

Expert and self-evaluation.

The first round of applause.

We know that some aspects of cosmetic product efficacy cannot be assessed instrumentally. Certain claims need to be verified through expert skin assessment or subjective self-evaluation by potential product users.

To verify and confirm the efficacy of a product as well as the changes it causes in the skin condition, we select the most appropriate methods, use a variety of scales and have numerous questionnaires completed.

If a perfectly conducted clinical trial is what you need, do not hesitate to contact us.
You choose and decide, we conduct.